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   Celebrating the Centennial of Community Foundations in America, 1914-2014


In January 2014, the Board of Trustees held two Strategic Planning sessions.  During those meetings, it became clear that our Mission Statement did not properly reflect who we have become as an organization or align well with our Strategic direction.  After several events and extensive discussions as a Board and community, we resoundingly agreed on a new Mission Statement!  The Foundation thanks all those that participated during this process.  We especially thank Sarah Ermatinger for lending her artistic skills to make our statement come to life!  The following represents our commitment to be a community leader and connector for all citizens of Jackson County!






Join us for "Foundation Fundamentals" Coffee & Donuts with the CEO  


Beginning on July 24th, I will be presenting quarterly, hour long informational sessions  from 8 am - 9 am. 
The meetings will cover various topics to help demystify what goes on inside a community foundation like "How does the endowment work?", "What is a spending policy?" and "What kinds of funds are there and what is the difference?".  This is also your chance to ask me questions about the Foundation and its work!
  Reserve your seat today by calling (517) 787-1321.
Hope to see you there!
Monica Moser
President & CEO



   Help your favorite Nonprofit
win a $500 grant!   

Beginning in August, we will be featuring one of our Community Investment Priority (CIP) areas bi-monthly.  On one day during that month, you will have from 12:00 am to 12:00 pm to email jcf@jacksoncf.org  the name of your favorite nonprofit, school or governmental entity that does work in that  CIP area  and enter them in a drawing for a chance to win a $500 grant!

August 13th Strong Individuals & Families:  Promoting Stability & Independence

October 23rd Education:  Promoting Educational Readiness & Success

December 10th Healthy People:  Partnering to Improve Community & Personal Responsibility in Our Health

February 11th Environmental Quality:  Preserving & Enhancing Our Natural Resources for the Benefit of All

April 8th Economic Prosperity:  Developing Resources that Allow Our Community to Thrive

June 10th Art, Culture & Recreation:  Building a Spirit of Community

The fine print:  Staff will ensure all nominated nonprofit's are qualified 501(c)3 organizations in good standing.  Only one entry per organization.  

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              Annual Fall Gala!      


Coming in July! Our 2013-2014 Report to the Community 

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